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For over 143 years, the Jamaica National Building Society, now restructured as The Jamaica National Group, has been empowering  communities, by creating jobs and contributing to prosperity in Jamaica and Canada, while also connecting  citizens globally.

The 2nd annual JN Expo, powered by the Lynx Canada Foundation, aims to further grow relations within the Jamaican-Canadian community. The theme of the Expo, “Connect, Learn and Grow”, exemplifies our goal to further create a tightly knit community.

The JN Expo, being held in two locations Toronto and Montreal, will further highlight the products and services offered by The Jamaica National Group, while also giving patrons a chance to enhance their knowledge about various companies throughout Jamaica and Canada.

The expo will present patrons and participating companies with the opportunity to further their networking reach within the Jamaican market in an engaging and authentic manner.

The JN Expo 2018 will give the Jamaican-Canadian community the chance to engage with one another, while providing valuable information about the various initiatives throughout the island. The Expo will also demonstrate the importance of fostering continued community engagement amongst Jamaican and friends of Jamaica in Canada.

The 2nd annual Jamaica National Group Expo, powered by the Lynx Canada Foundation


On Saturday, April 28, 2018, the Lynx Canada Foundation is set to host the second annual JN Expo in Toronto. Last year’s Expo was a huge success, where attendees, as well as participating companies, conversed and exchanged information regarding goods, services and initiatives throughout the Jamaican-Canadian community.

This year’s Expo will further build on the successes of last year’s event, and aims to promote further unity amongst the Jamaican Diaspora. This year’s event will be held at the Pearson Convention Center. We look forward to seeing all attendees.

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The 2nd annual Jamaica National Group Expo, powered by the Lynx Canada Foundation


On Monday, April 30, 2018, the JN Expo will be held in Montreal. This is an extension of last year’s staging, which was held in Toronto. Through this Expo, JN will cater to its long-term goals of further connecting the Jamaican Diaspora in Canada. The Montreal Expo will further boost Jamaica National’s effort to solidify the relationships among the Jamaican-Canadian community across the country.

The Montreal Expo will be held at the Hôtel Ruby Foo’s. Come out and join us for this unique opportunity.

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