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Lynx Canada Foundation

The Lynx Canada Foundation was established to strategically advance and position the work of The Jamaica National Group in the market. The Foundation can provide access and reach to the Jamaican-Canadian communities that JN would otherwise not able to in the market.

The Lynx Canada Foundation has established bursaries, scholarships and grants to support students and young adults throughout Canada and Jamaica to achieve excellence academically and socially. The Foundation seeks to invest in the community:

  • support of students entering colleges and universities
  • support rural youth initiative and entrepreneurial programs
  • encourage and supports the pursuit of good citizenship
  • support community empowerment initiatives
  • support the advancement of youth development
  • support disaster relief efforts and initiatives
  • provide sponsorship to community and charities across Canada and Jamaica
  • provide opportunities and pursue entrepreneurship for the advancement of arts, culture and academic excellence
  • provide a link to help bring creativity and projects to reality.

The Foundation, in collaboration and partnership with other community-based organisations, invests in charities and organisations that promote sustainable communities and give access to youth-mainstream programs.

The Foundation invests in and supports:

  • The Jamaica-Canadian youth Exchange Programs – Jamaica and Canada
  • The St. John Ambulance Brigade – Jamaica and Canada
  • The Jamaica Combine Cadet Forces (i.e.: Aviation and Seamanship Program) – Jamaica
  • Heart and Stroke Research – Jamaica and Canada
  • Mental Health Research and Awareness – Jamaica and Canada
  • Community Midwives Programs – Jamaica and Canada
  • Jamaica Veterans Home Care – Jamaica
  • Jamaica Alumni Associations – Canada
  • Maranatha School for the Deaf – Jamaica
  • Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf – Jamaica
  • School for the Blind and Visually Impaired – Jamaica
  • Jamaica Society for the Blind – Jamaica
  • Jamaica Association for the Deaf- Jamaica
  • Jamaica Cancer Society – Jamaica
  • JSPCA – Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – Jamaica

The Lynx Canada Foundation will work with the JN Foundation to enhance entrepreneurship and any community projects, programmes and other complementary services that will stimulate growth.

We believe that if a healthy community thrives, there will be a sustainable future and better business for all.

Help us to help make a difference in the lives of the next generation by making a pledge that will go towards the building of a vibrant community of creative minds.

“Let’s Make a Difference, Together”

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For inquiries about the 2018 JN Expo or for more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Lynx Canada Foundation.

Phone: +1.416.795.2964